supekumo lalala

19 years. 9 countries. 75 airports. 5 foreign languages. A succession of currencies. Countless postal codes. And I still longed for something - anything - familiar to my soul. I gathered what I needed and flew 8827 km.I had learned the principals of architecture, the wonderment of light in cinema. I was awestruck by the existence of art and marveled at the practice of interdisciplinary work. But Europe was just the beginning.I witnessed ceremonies of birth and death, experienced daily rituals of the countryside, cohabited with wild animals in the mountains and slept under starry nights. I understood beauty in Asia. I swam the cold waters of the Pacific in winter, drove endless hours on highways, witnessed the celebration of a family designing and building their new house. In America I experienced the sense of home. I pushed through crowded trains, sat in steaming baths with strangers, contemplated manicured landscapes, learned specialized techniques. In Japan I have been discovering the essence of my work. Foreign chatter has fallen all around me like a melody for years. Strangers, new friends and wonderful creative collaborators have come in and out of my life. My work is the inhale and exhale of each moment in each place ; a heart beat aware of the present. My next stop unknown, my new creations… yet to be discovered.