The word “delirio” comes from the Latin “de-lirare” which means to step out of the furrow; term derived from the agricultural field. In modern times it has acquired the meaning of disturbance in the consciousness. With such an idea in mind, this series of photo collages, mixing film and digital media, have been thought of as a moment of “delirio”.

The instant, the second and the briefness in each moment, reminds us that life can be anything we can imagine.

I see Delirio not as a loss of consciousness but rather as a state of mind of complete clarity, perhaps in a parallel reality. To navigate between these instances, water is considered the main source for each of the moments of Delirio, where water is regarded as a constant flow of life thereof a constant flow of brief moments delirio.

These moments where visits into various water related places such as bath houses and tofu factories.

Medium Analogue photography. 6×6 and 35 mm film. C-Print on Japanese paper.
Size 55×55 cm and 55×80 cm
Editions 5+AP