Suzu is the first project of Bonbonma to be conceived out of sound.

Sound was the base and parameter for the creation of the whole project.

The process started by registering the sounds/tones of the original building. This ended up with each area/room being described by and assigned one to two musical notes. In a manner of speaking, tones where scooped out of the original architecture; tones where extracted out of the existing walls, ceilings and structure.

The registration process was once again conducted after the conceptual design and partial demolition. New tones were registered in each space after the partial change, giving way to the final design of the project.

A third and final registration was done after the completion of the project and a music score was composed out of the designed spaces.

From sound (transient/ephemeral) to space (matter/permanence) back to sound brings the project to a completion.

Along with sound, the project was thought, designed and constructed with the standards of International Building Biology adapting to local Japanese materials, construction methods and technologies.

Project Data
Location Kyoto, Japan
Project type Refurbishment. The renovation consists on creating three flats out of two houses with a shared entrance and garden.
Construction period 2019–2020
Lot Size 228 m2
Traditional house 2 stories, 197 m2. Originally built in 1927.
Detached house 2 stories, 90 m2. Originally built in 1988.
Garden 20 m2
The Team
Head Architect Bonbonma Architecture
Consulting Architect AtSpace Architects
Constructor Ueno Komuten
Construction Management Cecilia Ramirez Corzo and Minami Maiko
Head Carpenter Hanato Isamu
Building Biology consultant Bonbonma Architecture