The location of Kio Mee is in the Eastern side of Kyoto city. The 1960’s housing complex sits in front of the Takano River and overlooks the western mountain range at a distance and in its proximity Kamigamo Shrine.

The architectural brief for this refurbishment project had two main key points. The first principle was to maintain the point of view of the western landscape visible from every spot inside the flat. The second key element to the project was the housing of 2,500 plus volumes of mainly art and history books along with a private collection of objects, paintings and furniture.

For the creative process Tone Architecture* was applied, from the first sketch to demolition to construction. One of the main creative approaches was to work with curves since curves allow for an expansive creative thinking feeling and willing in the life of the inhabitant of the space as opposed to straight linear thinking provoked by right angles. To counter balance the amount of objects in the open floor plan room, soft colours where used for the vertical and horizontal surfaces. The room that houses the water elements is the only one space with sliding doors and contrasting bright colours.

Building Biology principals where applied for the wholesome design, for material selection and construction processes.

Project Data
Location Kyoto, Japan
Project type Interior flat refurbishment.
Construction period 2021–2022
Lot Size 87 m2
The Team
Head Architect Bonbonma Architecture
Constructor Ueno Komuten
Construction Supervision Cecilia Ramirez Corzo
Head Carpenter Yamamoto
Building Biology consultant Bonbonma Architecture