The first physical vessel we all encounter is our mother’s womb. Not just a place (BAば) but also a space (KUく) of creation and birth.

This ceramic collection is an ongoing exploration about giving form to vessels and containers, shaping with clay a womb out of the womb by softening the hardness of matter through form and texture.

The potter’s hands do not work alone, the five elements play a vital role on the birth of ceramics: earth, water, air, fire and metal. So it is by these natural forces that a vessel is completed.

Each vessel renders uniqueness because its form is born out of a different sound (ONおん) and its resonance (MEIめい) translates into a particular form; an infinite number of sounds and forms give birth to each of these vessels. Each object is a playing of matter forming emptiness (MUむ) with limitless potential. It is up to the users to pour their own content in them or leave their emptiness open to infinite possibilities.