Existing in Two Places at the Same Time is a body of work that originates in the unconscious making it conscious through sound and water.

Fresh and vibrant and in constant movement is how these watercolour paintings come to exist; expressed in colour and shape through sound and water exchanges and experiences of “being in two places at the same time”. This artwork is a communicating vessel or sacred reliquary of recollected experiences weaved through the navigation on different timelines of existence.

This research also starts from the concept of “sound landscape”, which is based on the recognition of the need to approach reality starting from a perceptual model that is not supported by the traditional reference to sight as the dominant sense, but which can recover the scope of the so-called “auditory sensoriality” as a guide for the interpretation of our relationship with space, time and speed. At the origin of this attitude there is the belief that the elements of sensoriality play a fundamental role in the understanding of everything that goes beyond a purely “descriptive” contact with the environment, allowing access to the most intimate, emotional, symbolic and cultural manifestation within.

The sound at the origin of the movement is not heard, the ear cannot perceive the frequencies; only the water is able to make them visible, “forcing us” to observe what is involved in that exchange, a meaningful encounter for the giver and receiver.

Medium Watercolour on cotton paper
Size 53×45 cm, 42×33 cm, 32×24 cm
Editions 1