MMA House or known for its nick name as “The Revolving Doors House” is an extensive refurbishment project located in Santa Monica, California USA.

The lot is situated in a canyon surrounded with vast vegetation and just a15 minute walk to the oceanfront.

The context was of the outmost importance to take into consideration. The greater natural-semi urban context and tuning in to the site’s texture, contour and geometrical form. The weather conditions in the area such as the sun’s path and the ocean’s breeze where paramount for the design of the double height ceiling and the multiple window opening to the sea side front as well as to the air flow coming down the hill in front of the house.

The client, a family of 3 with very distinct cultural backgrounds. The brief was centered on three main aspects: guests, spaciousness and open air relaxing areas.

The brief was achieved with a public-social area quite open, spacious and easing transit pathways; basically this area working as the heart of the house from which the other areas extend. The living-dinning-kitchen area function as the “ventricles” so to speak pumping activity and circulation to the rest of the house. Such areas bring together the whole house, but also weaving the interior and exterior, from the entrance to the patios to the sleeping areas and the garden.

For the open air relaxing area two patios where created, one on the east and one on the west side of the house, one more public and the later more private.

The elements of water and sound are present in 3 pockets of exterior patios where the sound weaves in and out, from exterior to interior and also bringing coolness during the summer heat.

The play on silence and sound, invisible yet present, bestows beauty that nests in the resonance of the architectural matter where the poetry is materialized.

Project Data
Location Los Angeles, USA
Project type Refurbishment. Single-family dwelling.
Construction period 2011–2013
Lot Size 3000 ft2
The Team
Head Architect Bonbonma Architecture
Constructor Rhino Construction
Construction Supervision Cecilia Ramirez Corzo
Head Carpenter Jonny Rojas